Are you tired of being stuck in the rut of no time, no energy, and no new business?

battling with finding the right content to share, and creating a marketing strategy that gets you consistent leads, sales, and customers?

Would you like to say goodbye to RFPs that seem to work only with prayers,and can never be predictable?

Discover how to market your business, and your brand. attract clients and get more sales.

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Attract the right clients & opportunities with ease

Social media is providing an opportunity for every person in the world to be heard, but not every voice is rising above the noise

Marketing and Sales gurus from different industries and countries believe that "Content is King". But how do you make your Content speak to your prospects like a trusted advisor? How do you convert the website and social media traffic into paying customers? How do you strategically position yourself so that clients and opportunities naturally come knocking on your doors without you even having to chase them?

Well, that is how Easy Sales Blueprint™ assists you. A proven 4-month group coaching program that covers branding, messaging, and sales strategy to help students elevate their brand positioning, and increase their marketing visibility using social media & a content marketing system- So they attract and close high-paying clients and opportunities with ease to grow their income and revenue to at least $25-30k month for independent consultants,& increase sales opportunities pipeline for consulting companies by at least 30%

Are you sick of relying on referrals and only getting clients who aren't necessarily the best fit? Then join our coaching program now – here's what some of our members have to say:

"They have broken down ALL the pieces there are to working with high-end clients, developing your message, and getting booked with ease. I can totally attest that this system WORKS! Now I'm consistently booking high-paying clients within my ideal package and niche over social media by following their guide." Kim Brady, Mindset Coach

With Easy sales Blueprint, being fully booked could be a reality. If you answer yes to these questions, then this is for you

Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels and start attracting high-paying clients without relying on referrals?

Are you lacking clarity on how to differentiate yourself and make more sales?

Are you ready to start attracting a large recurring pipeline of high-paying clients and opportunities?

Tired of feeling like you are invisible in your industry and always being asked for a discount?

Ready to have your content and messages resonate with high-paying audiences, influencers, and prospects?

The reason you aren't getting more clients is that your marketing efforts aren't scalable enough yet. And since the majority of your competitors who are in your niche also struggle with this, it's a sign that it's not your fault.

So, do you want to stand out from your competition and start getting high-paying clients and sales opportunities?

Are you ready for that kind of life? High 5 figures months, fully booked, and a waiting list of people who can't wait to start working with you?

Are you ready to be able to take your foot off the pedal, start onboarding a team to assist you in scaling your business, so that you don't go at it solo anymore, and can afford to have time away from feeling like you are jeopardizing your business?

If this sounds like something you desire, to have people say yes to your offers without wrestling them to the ground and constantly having to follow up until kingdom comes

Then go ahead and schedule a consultation with us to discuss how you could get started.

Easy Sales Blueprint™ will guide you through a process that will allow you to elevate your brand, stand out online & attract premium clients and opportunities using content by applying our APK™ METHOD which has led to our clients quickly growing their income to multiple 6 figures

The APK™ METHOD is based on three main steps which entail Anchoring your message in sales psychology to speak to the part of your prospects' brains that makes decisions, which essentially Propels your Brand as relevant in the eyes of your prospects so they start seeing you as an authority & go-to expert to solve their problems, which eventually leads to you Kuring your lead generation problem which essentially will eradicate your low revenue months

This is done using content to do the heavy lifting for you so that by the time clients reach out to you they are ready to start working with you since you have already handled all objections, and it just is a case of where do I sign?

Ready for an easy yes during your sales conversations?

Want to understand how the APK METHOD™ works? Click here & get a 30000 ft view of how the APK METHOD™ generates results for clients through the use of a content ecosystem

Easy Sales Blueprint™ is for the coach, independent consultant, or small consulting firm, that understands who they are serving, and knows that they are great at what they do but feels like the industry's best-kept secret. They want to elevate their brands and marketing message to attract a higher caliber of clients while not being stuck in the grip of death of RFPs.They know what results their most-ideal client gets - because they actually had clients who got those results. But they haven't actually thought through what really makes them ideal, and what made them able to get that result, in such a way that they can call them forward in their messaging to get far more of them as clients than they have now. Their goal is to get to multiple high 6 six figures as they feel stuck at $5-15k months. What we do together on this program is refine the way our clients describe their services, methods, outcomes, and best-fit client - and, if needed, refine the way the work is packaged and delivered so that it's effective and efficient while calling in their dream clients by leveraging a content ecosystem that will allow them to charge more for less of their time.


Branding Secrets

Learn to position & elevate your brand to premium & luxury status that commands authority ,credibility, and profit in your industry and propels you to Key person of Influence


Learn how to craft a potent marketing message that attracts premium,high paying clients and opportunities that builds your authority in the industry and establish you as a go-to expert

Market dominance

Become the go to authority who commands premium price because they are known as a the best. There are only 3 ways to stand out online. You are either the best one, the low cost alternative, or the first market adapter.

Storytelling: Stories that sell

Mastering the art of telling stories that magnetizes and persuades an audience, and sells your services without you being salesy

PR & Media

Learn how to create a PR campaign with no budget to leverage established audiences and publications to generate consistent leads & sales for your business

Lead generation & Sales

Using System’s proven FLIRT™ & KURE™ frameworks, you’ll learn how to fill up your sales pipelines & close high ticket sales with ease

Additional support

Get coaching from a well respected webinar expert who has been the secret weapon of multi 6 figures & 7 figures launches, as well as a messaging coach & copywriter to work with you to review your presentations and copy for maximum conversions

Mindset Coach

Your own dedicated mindset coach who will act as your support coach during your program to allow you to grow beyond your subconscious mind self sabotaging attempts

**Provided with the Easy Sales Blueprint™ program, YOU get a sales specialist to assist you with booking sales appointments or act as a concierge, and invite people inside your challenge during one launch for the duration of 30 days completely COMPLIMENTARY

Bonus: Special consulting session with Ad strategist to design an ad strategy campaign

Wondering how this would work? Glad you asked

When you enroll in the program, you are paired with a support & accountability coach who you will meet within the first 72 hrs of your enrollment to go over your desired objectives

You are then paired off with your mindset coach who you will work within the program for 4 weeks

You are also assigned to a cohort of other business athletes who will be your partners for the duration of your program because we believe that sharing the journey with other people on the same path

This is a hybrid group coaching program. The curriculum is dripped to you on a weekly basis, and we hold a weekly group coaching program with hot seats to allow for individual attention to your problems

You also have the option to book 1:1 coaching calls with your support coaches as well strategists on a weekly basis for individualized support


Book A Free Call

This free ,complimentary call helps to identify areas that are making you feel stuck or to discuss your goals and if the program would be a fit.

Get To Know One Another

Will you like us, will we like you? The best coaching is built on trust and confidence in each other. On the call we will establich compatibility

Set A Start Date

You’re now ready. Choose a start date and process payment to start with your coaching program


  • You are a fantastic, heart-centered entrepreneur who is driven by your passion, purpose, and mission
  • You want to create a purposeful business that serves you to create freedom for yourself and your loved ones
  • you are a high-level entrepreneur who is a thought leader, author, coach, consultant, speaker, course creator, Medium Sized Consulting firm, or influencer
  • You are the managing partner, Managing Director, or founder of an existing professional consulting firm that serves high-level clients
  • You are the CMO of a professional consulting firm that wants to devise a demand-generation marketing strategy that will work for service-based businesses
  • You have a great awareness of your capabilities and why you do what you do
  • You are a business athlete. You are serious about your gifts, crafts, & the impact you want to achieve. You are in it to get to the top of the food chain. Complacency is an unfamiliar thing for you. You are willing to put in the work & go the extra mile to become the leading authority in your industry.
  • You are an implementor. You don't expect the results to magically happen, but you implement the processes & systems that you learn
  • You have developed the muscle of trusting yourself, trusting your decisions, and being a person who makes decisions knowing that you can handle whatever is on the other side of it
  • You are experiencing revenue blocks and are stuck at an income plateau
  • You want to grow your income to $20-$30k months so you can even reach higher heights for your business
  • You want to raise your rates to premium but are scared no one will buy
  • You are already making between $3000 to $5000 P/M with your business
  • You are struggling to articulate the value of your offer for high-level, premium clients
  • You feel invisible in your industry whereas you know for certain that you can help your clients achieve results because you have done it time and time again for clients

If you recognize these characteristics in you, then you are the perfect fit for this program


Easy sales blueprint will turn you into a Business athlete, it certainly did with me. Tanya definitely dishes on strategy in the program. This program is primarily on business principles, strategies, Branding, lead generation, and sales closing. This is primarily focused on your revenue-generating activities

Marie L.

Feminity coach

$35k in contract for January & $22k CASH collected This is crazy! Literally the most money I have seen in my life. Almost 10 000 000 Naira CASH!! On top na legit I do ooo

Ah! With this my small agency running from Nigeria.

This one no be joke o!

You encouraged me even when I thought that me being Nigerian would be a problem to find clients.

My small agency has just rocked my life. This investment was worth every penny

Albert N.

Content Marketing Agency Owner

Easy sales blueprint is clear, concise, and has a no-fluff approach to the business of coaching. This program helps build a solid foundation for your coaching business.

It will get you on the right path to make an impact in your industry whether you are a new coach or a seasoned coach

Christina W.

Money Mindset Coach

This program is really the best, it is essentially business school condensed. Tanya gave her last shirt with this. From how to build relevance in the market, to growing your brand organically, becoming an authority to stand out online, closing sales like a boss, and understanding how people make decisions to buy premium offers, she didn't come to play. When she calls herself a strategy genius, this girl understands marketing. I thought offers that sell was good, but ESB is where it is at. Could easily be a 5 figures investment

Evelina B.

Social Media Manager

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Make no mistake, this is going to require work, this is going to require effort, however, if you commit to doing the work, you commit to showing up, and you are consistent to master this process, then you will be able to enjoy freedom.

I want you to picture this...

You are at the airport with your partner, you just checked in, You get an email from your head coach “ enjoy your holiday! Relax, you deserve this-I have everything under control”

You are finally able to no longer work long hours in your business because now you only spend an hour to put up a piece of content & have people reach out to you to work with You at premium rates.

You now have time to spend time with your kids, and have dinner ready when your partner gets home. You are no longer exhausted and stuck to your desk

Finally being able to take your kids on that promised trip

I want you to imagine what THAT would mean for you.

Will it mean no longer having to worry about whether or not you can afford to live your dream life?

Will it mean saying goodbye to a dreadful career you don't enjoy & fully immersing yourself in your passion?

Will it mean finally impacting 100s of lives?

Will it mean being able to afford to give your children the best education money can buy?

If this is the case, then this will be a defining moment in the story of your life.

I am a big believer that nothing happens by accident. Everything that happens to you, every door that is open to you, every opportunity that comes to you, is there for a reason.

Often time, It is because God is waiting on you to take a step of faith, so he can expand you. There are essentially 2 types of leaders & entrepreneurs in this world.

The first type of entrepreneur wants to figure it all out on their own, make mistakes along the way, and focus on scaling over leading. Creating increasingly consistent revenue year after year will be difficult for them.

The second type of entrepreneur knows that time is their most valuable resource.

They are high achieving, go-getting, impact-driven, all-in for their purpose, and value PEOPLE, IMPACT, and PROFIT.

Most of all they are ready to elevate into their position of leadership that is going to deliver change and impact the world.

They know when to LEAP!

Which one are you?


Wizz Digital Academy aims to help its clients create & market premium offers that they can grow past $10k months without overworking and burnout by implementing sound demand generation structures.

We show you how to sell your premium, high-priced offers by cultivating your Extraordinary selling points. If you want to sell premium coaching services, you will have to put aside unique selling points (USP) and cultivate your Extraordinary selling points (ESP).

ESP is what sets you apart from the 100 others selling the same thing. It's beyond the marketing features and benefits of your products and services. It's unique to you! there is no one else that has it.

This is what we teach you when you work with us at Wizz Digital Academy. We show you how to cultivate your ESP to 4-5X your prices and still have people running to you

Meet your Coach

Tanya is a Business Coach & Marketing Strategist who works with authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, content creators, & course creators to amplify their marketing message to allow them to create a business that they love, that serves them, and no longer need an escape from

With a background in Economics & Finance, and extensive years of experience in Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Tanya brings with her a wealth of experience that helps her clients master marketing and sales.

Having started online as a copywriter & funnel builder, Tanya has gained the ability to engineer prospects customer's journey to lead them to making a purchasing decision

Easy Sales Blueprint™ is a 4-month intensive coaching program with 8 months of post-program ( Making it a 12-month support program for our clients) completion support to ensure our clients still feel supported when it comes to implementation. Investment for this is USD$9500 (Pay in Full ) or Payment Plans stretching up to 12 months for accessibility

Frequently asked questions

How does the program work? You are added to a cohort which will be your assigned group. You will also be added to a Slack community for your cohort
Is the program live? lessons are pre-recorded, Group Coaching calls are live and weekly for the duration of your cohort, & you have ongoing coaching & consulting support for 12 months
Do I get any 1:1 attention? Yes, you do have the option of booking 1-1 coaching calls with your coaching team if need be as we understand that one may need individual attention
How long do I get access to the program? You have access to all resources including recorded calls for 12 months.
What are your guarantees? We believe that coaching is a 2 way relationship and that is why we put some skin in the game with you. We offer you a 12 month money back guarantee. ( If you have put in the time and done the work within 12 month,and got no results, we will refund you)
Do I have post curriculum support? Yes! You have fortnightly coaching for 8 more months post curriculum completion
Who is the program for? small to medium sized consulting companies that offer coaching, consulting, copywriting, digital marketing , thought leaders, or course creators
I do not have an online business,will this work from me? Yes, the strategies shared in the program will translate well for individuals who head professional consulting firms such as legal offices, accounting firms, management consultants, interior designers,as well as other offline consulting businesses that want more clients and their services do not come cheap

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