Convert prospects into high-paying clients with irresistible offers

Create offers that your prospects can't say no to

Have you been trying and failing to get clients?

You're in a rut and you don't know what to do next?

Or you have a business – and you have clients. But the former is far from making up for the latter. That is, none of your "clients" are enrolled as paying customers yet. That's why you're stuck in the business-building stage, right?

Or, You have prospects but it’s a struggle to get them enrolled in your services. Bidding, or writing long calls-to-action isn’t working for you, and recently even cold-emailing prospects has become ineffective.

Or, you have been thinking of starting your online business, but you are paralyzed by the idea that no one will buy what you got to sell.

You have seen all the posts where people are struggling to get clients, and you have even attempted to give away your services for free, but it didn't work

Here is the problem. You don't have an enticing offer, and that is why you hear radio silence from the market. The way you are putting out your services is not inviting to your prospects, hence why they are not buying.

If you are looking to create an offer that has people rushing to whip out their cards, and want to learn how to grow your business income to $5-10k a month, then this is the program for you!

Here's a fact, 83% of all businesses fail within the first year.

The reason is pretty simple. They either don't know what they are doing, or they don't have a properly structured offer that attracts and converts clients.

Making this problem even worse is the fact that 99% of all online marketers are still doing it all wrong! Teaching methods such as blogging, social media, and article marketing that can drive interest & generate leads, but do not convert them into paying customers.

If you want to finally start creating offers that sell for you, then I invite you to join this 30 Days of Intensive Coaching program right now if you want to grow your income.

You'll learn exactly how I've helped my students create their profitable offers while seeing steady growth in their client lists over the past 2 years.

Enroll in our program today and start creating your own profitable offer!


Offers that sell Pay in full $2,500.00

Offers that sell PP1 for $1,444.00 every month for 2 months

Offers that sell PP2 for $1,111.00 every month for 3 months

Pay in full Bonus: Get your hands on the become an authority online & the art of social selling masterclasses Valued at USD$1000


Offers that sell was created as an accessible high-level, high-touch program that will give you the specific strategies that have worked for other service providers like yourself. You will learn the best sales strategies to create high-ticket packages that sell like hotcakes.

A great deal of time, I was pained that I could not be of service to a number of new, aspiring, & struggling service-based entrepreneurs. This program's purpose is to remedy this.

After this program you will :

*have a clear understanding of who your offer is for, what makes it different, and how to price it so you make the most profit possible.

*Identify your ideal audience and clients

*Stand out from the competition by crafting a methodology that is unique to you and your business.

*Be clear on your niche

* Be able to get more clients into your business, Produce content that generates leads, and pre-sell clients

*Learn how to create a high-ticket offer that potential clients cannot refuse.

*Create an offer suite that brings in cash all the time

* Learn the 3 types of free offers that convert premium clients

* Generate leads through sound marketing techniques and learn how to close those leads on the phone for a higher conversion rate.

*Implement sound sales closing techniques to seal the deal and increase your bottom-line profits.


This is is for you if :

*You are a coach, Consultant, or mentor

*You are an author or speaker looking to branch into coaching & mentoring

*You are an author or speaker who is struggling to get clients as a mentor

*You have an agency and offer done for your services

* You are struggling to navigate the landscape of the online space

*You want to get clear on your niche

*You want to decide the best niche & monetize your genius

*You want a program that shows you the right path to grow your coaching & consulting business

*You want to ensure you create a financially successful business

* You want to put your first offer together & don't want to hear crickets

*You want to start onboarding clients in the next 90 days

*You want to get clients with ease & not hustle hard anymore

*You are ready to master lead generation to keep your pipeline full

*You want to master closing sales virtually

* You want to get to $5-10k month consistently

*You are ready to put in the work to build your legacy & business

*You are invested in creating impact & serving your clients

What we will do together:

* Create your high ticket offer

*Identify your zone of genius and dominance

* Craft a content marketing strategy aimed at generating profit

* High Ticket sales training

* Guide you to reach consistent high four figures month

What you get:

* 30 days intensives+ 60 days unlimited VOXER or SLACK support after intensive

*Unlimited voice support for the duration of the program- Me in your pocket

* 4X 45 minutes coaching/strategy sessions with me

*Game plan to start establishing expert status in the online space

* Curriculum that covers 1:1 offer creation that gets clients in the door

*Copywriting BootCamp to master writing copy that converts

A look inside this 2-month program

Week 1 & 2: Back to Basics: Ideal client avatar, Finding your niche, Naming your offers, Monetization models for coaches/consultants, and lessons learned from starting my own coaching business

Week 3 & 4: Creating your proprietary Methodology & Framework

Mapping out your offers & product suite. Create high ticket offers that sell, and a product suite to meet prospects where they are at

Week 5 & 6: Lead 2 Sale system. Generate leads & master high-ticket sales

Facebook group to clients system. How to get clients from your own & other Facebook communities

Week 7& 8: Content marketing strategy for beginners. Convert clients using content

Copywriting BootCamp: Words that sell.

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